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The Saxophones - Songs Of The Saxophones LP

This is the first full-length album from The Saxophones, released June 1st, 2018, available on black vinyl and crisp white vinyl.

With its retro layout, gentle arrangements, and deft lyricism, Songs Of The Saxophones feels like a spiritual descendent of Peter, Paul & Mary. But the folk duo really shine in their ability to plumb dark themes without becoming melancholy. "Aloha" discusses the inevitability of goodbye while it lilts softly onward, and "Mysteries Revealed" sounds like something you could find your parents slow-dancing to in the kitchen, even as the song's speaker grimly realizes all of the pain he has caused in others. Because these nuanced ideas only reveal themselves as you examine each layer of meaning, their lessons sink in that much more deeply over time. Songs Of The Saxophones may be pleasant enough to play in the background of your garden party, but you'll get the most out of it by listening over and over and seeing where the words take you.

The Saxophone's track "If You're On The Water" was featured on VINYL MOON Volume 016: Breathing Shadows.


  • Time Is Like A River
  • Picture
  • Aloha
  • Singing Desperately
  • Just Give Up
  • Alone Again
  • Work Music
  • Mysteries Revealed
  • Find I Forget
  • Afterglow