Vol. 061: Before You Melt

VM Club Record: September 2020

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Special Features
  • Deluxe tip-on style gatefold jacket
  • Oversize foldout poster with additional art
  • Triple stripe black, green, and milky clear vinyl (Standard)
  • Translucent green with splatter (VIP)
  • Lyrics & art sheet 
  • Intro letter

A1: Heads or Heads - "Low Angles"
A2: itsokaylove - "LYFE"
A3: Andrew Rothschild - "Routine"
A4: Wavescapes - "New Horizons"
A5: Mokhov - "Dream Spectrum"

B1: To Live and Die in L.A. - "In The City"
B2: New Body Electric - "Melt"
B3: Wandour - "September in London"
B4: Maero - "Fantasia"
B5: White Endors - "Twenty"


Visual Artist



After attending art school in Bristol and Bournemouth, Johnny Morant has gone on to live and work in London & Amsterdam.He has been part of numerous group exhibitions between the two cities, as well as four solo exhbitions at the Rountree Tryon Gallery in London. This month's volume culls works from Grounded, his fifth solo exhibition, originally presented at the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery. In these works, Johnny explores “the overview effect” - a phenomenon experienced by astronauts during their first views of the Earth as a “pale blue dot” amidst the backdrop of outer space. It commonly leads to a shift in perspective, a breakdown of barriers, and a drive to protect the planet.