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Alumni LP Highlight

  • Alumni LP Highlight: MUNA - "About U"

    MUNA's fists-raised power pop is proud, drawing from 80's icons like Heart and Pat Benatar as well as more modern artists like Twin Shadow and Robyn. They exploded onto the scene when supporting Harry Styles on tour in 2017, but it was their first album that brought them into the public lens (and caught Harry's attention in the first place). View Post
  • Alumni LP Highlight: Fort Lean - "Quiet Day"

    No, Fort Lean is not a real place (though I did spend some time looking for it due to their mischievously misleading bandcamp bio). It's a platonic ideal, a state of mind, a utopia - but one where the shadows are a little bit darker and longer than they should be, where the edges are a little sha... View Post