Man With Roses - forest/fire II

Ltd. Edition of 100 and VM Exclusive Color

$ 25.00

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It should come as no surprise that we love the idiosyncrasies of a dusty old record, the crackles and pops, the warble of a slightly warped LP, modulating the pitch of the music as though underwater.  That's how we fell in love with Man With Roses' "Golden Hour" (featured on Vol. 067: Static Swagger.)  With a crunchy breakbeat, vocal chops in the classic hip-hop sampling tradition, and mellow synths holding everything together, the track positively screamed VINYL. Our relationship with the Lancaster, PA. based producer has continued to blossom over the years, with a pressing of his Silhouettes LP (now back in stock!) and continues with his latest forest/fire II, a sampladelic collage of breaks and beats that roams from jazz to soul to hip-hop, now in the store on fire-engine-red vinyl with yellow splatter.