Luke De-Sciscio - Sublime

Ltd. Edition of 100 and VM Exclusive Color

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This is the Vinyl Moon exclusive edition of the full-length album from Luke De-Sciscio, Sublime. The VM pressing is a "gold heavens" gold-in-white A-side/B-side that is limited to 100 copies worldwide with a lyric insert. All orders include a digital download of the album.

Where Good Bye Folk Boy felt close and intimate, Sublime varies in space and perspective over the course of its 13 tracks. His tender voice seems to skate along the surface of the ocean on "My Love Abounds", and on "I Gave You All My Love" he plays in a massive earthen chamber, fully abandoned. And yet even on the heart-wrenching ballads, there's a certain weightlessness to these songs. A knowledge that the singer can persevere, that he will continue to grow and love and thrive. That's good news for us, because it means more albums like this one will keep coming our way.

Luke De-Sciscio's "I'm A Dream Fighting Out Of A Man" was featured on Volume 047: Natural Things.