Wizard of Loneliness - Nu Horizons

Ltd. Edition of 100 and VM Exclusive Color

$ 28.00

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This is the Vinyl Moon exclusive pressing of the album Nu Horizons by Wizard of Loneliness. Each colorway is limited to 100 copies worldwide. The jacket features a rainbow foil river that shimmers in the light.


You arrive on a deserted island to get away from it all. A quick tour of the surroundings and it's clear that there is some major work to do before you can truly relax. The sun rises and each day you transform the landscape into an inviting paradise. Friends will join you and revel in the hard work you've put in but you don't do it for them. Humble dwellings, buried treasures, broken fishing poles, and even construction finance are all part of the experience. You're simply living it! Just STEER CLEAR OF THE STALK MARKET!

Wizard of Loneliness's song "Grape Judas" was featured on Vol. 035: How Much Boom?. We also featured their song "9 pm Island Tune" on Volume Seventy-Five.