Hotel Pools - Fall

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Hotel Pools is the moniker of Portland, Oregon based producer and musician Ben Braun, who began putting out music on band camp in 2014, and has consistently kept fans chilled out to his soothing synth and retrowave sound. Ben frequently makes collaborative tracks with artists like A.L.I.S.O.N, Memorex Memories, Unfound, Forhill, oDDling, Krosia, and VIQ. In 2020, space fans took notice of Ben's work when aerospace engineer and author Raphael J. Chryslar, began combining some of his songs with footage of Space Shuttle orbiters launching, the International Space Station, and ground factories such as the SSPF. Vinyl Moon members may already be familiar with Hotel Pools, since their song "Baked" was included on Volume 085: Mental WealthFall is a laid-back journey through immersive nostalgia, with a chilled foggy groove.