Mating Ritual - 'The Bungalow' [VINYL MOON Exclusive]

If you thought Mating Ritual's 2019's album 'Hot Content' was a fun ride, then strap in for The Bungalow. Recent singles "King of The Doves" and "The Bungalow" are dripping with swagger, sex appeal, and the kind of good-times-only-please attitude we have come to expect from Mating Ritual. These guys are throwing the party of the year, and this is your personal invite. 

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> New Repress! Black & white checkered vinyl [Limited to 200 copies]

> Sold out - Vintage Green vinyl [Limited to 100 copies]

> Sold out - Pastel pink vinyl [VINYL MOON Exclusive edition. Limited to 100 copies]

> Sold out - Pastel pink & transparent green split vinyl [Limited to 100 copies]

> Art and design by Tape Tension. Jacket printed with spot UV.

Packaged and shipped in our specialty boxes for safe delivery.