Cosmo Kuma Presents: Beatcamp Vol. 1

Ltd. Edition of 100 and VM Exclusive Color

$ 25.00

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Available April 26th exclusively from Vinyl Moon, this limited edition pressing presents a unique lofi project from Cosmo Kuma, a boutique label by Nettwerk Music Group focused on lofi hip-hop, jazzhop, chillhop, and weird electronic beats. In Summer 2023, Cosmo Kuma brought together a group of forward thinking lo-fi cosmonauts in a Malibu home to create this unique lunar journey full of jazzy chords and dilla-esque drums. This monument to the collaborative spirit is an essential pick for fans of the genre.

NOTE: There are only 100 copies of this colorway. Vinyl Moon is the only place the record can be purchased. A 2nd colorway was pressed and is available only as a giveaway from Cosmo Kuma.