• As The Spirit Wanes - Accidental Journey 7" - VINYL MOON

As The Spirit Wanes - Accidental Journey 7"

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This is the 7" single for As The Spirit Wanes' "Accidental Journey", featured on VINYL MOON Volume 039: Face To Face. The B side is a spacey track titled "Cities In Evolution". We like what Piccadilly Records had to say about this 7":

"Raz Ullah (known to locals as synth maestro for the one and only Jane Weaver) brings us a soaring and mesmerising duo of pieces for the newly established With Bells Records. The A-Side and titular piece begins with plate-reverbed drum hits and synthy swells and chirps, akin to one of my favourite knob-twiddlers of all time, Norm Chambers (AKA Panabrite). Bolstered with swooning Krauty bass rolls and aquatic arps, it flows along at a steady but thoroughly unintimidating pace, bringing to mind futuristic walks through utopian monuments and shining towers constructed through the advancement of time but a firm foot in the foibles of history.
Whilst the A-Side very much trades in optimistic forward-thinking progression, the B-Side shows the darker side of this futuristic society, brimming with ambient swells, heavy on high-end harmonics and windy swells. Gutsy bass and dystopian churns coalesce into a torrid and inharmonic trifecta of brittle melodic trills, aquatic subsonics and howling sweeps. A beautiful and graceful swarm of insectile force and brutalist architectural construction."

Plays at 45 rpm.