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  • Visual Artist Update: December 2018

    This month's Visual Artist Update spans one of our most recent artists and goes all the way back to Volume 008. Visit their shops for some one-of-a-kind gifts for your loved ones whose walls are too bare. Shreya Gupta Volume 037: Rebirth Site - Instagram   View this post on Instagram ... View Post
  • Visual Artist Update: October 2018

    It's time to catch up with the visual artists of Vinyl Moon in this month's Visual Artist Update. See some recent art and support them online or at their stores! Michael George Haddad Volume 030: Reveries Site - Instagram   View this post on Instagram   Worthless currency for @wired #ill... View Post
  • How Records Are Made: Part 2

    Welcome to the second part of our series on how records are made! If you missed the first part where we cover lacquering and plating, you can find it HERE. We left off after we used a metal master (either the father or the mother, depending on your preferred plating process) to create a stamper, ... View Post