Black Fly - 01

Ltd. Edition of 100 and VM Exclusive Color

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This is the Vinyl Moon exclusive variant of the debut full-length album from Black Fly, simply titled 01. The Vinyl Moon edition is pressed on black-and-white-swirl vinyl.

Vermont's Black Fly largely presents his art without comment, allowing it to exist as its own powerful statement. And while there are doubtlessly many stories behind these songs and the sincerity dripping from the vocals, there's an elegance that translates from the tasteful minimalism of the album art to the poignant songs contained within. Forcing genre tags on this music would result in something like "smoky indie chamber pop", but that description fails to convey the interplay of the intimate vocal performance with the grandiose synth programming. Imagine if Hans Zimmer started producing for Hozier and you'll be in the right ballpark.

Black Fly's track "Dipped" was featured on Volume 025: The Space Between.