Kris Gruen - Welcome Farewell

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This is the Vinyl Moon exclusive version of the full-length album from Kris Gruen, Welcome Farewell. Our exclusive variant is pressed on 180g green vinyl and limited to 100 copies worldwide.

Welcome Farewell finds Kris Gruen spinning autobiographical stories of family, community, and the great outdoors. It's a memoir of sorts, filled with names, places, and other details sourced from his own experience. The central characters who occupy Welcome Farewell's songs are real people — including his late grandmother, whose influence is honored with tracks like "Apple Tree" and the cinematically-arranged "Skyline Drive," to his wife, who invites her husband to join her in the fields during "When She Says" — and they lend an earnestness to an album laced with acoustic guitar, swooning pedal steel, and other organic touches. Influenced by the overlapping worlds of folk, Americana, northern country, and roots-rock, it's a musical homecoming — the sound of a touring musician seeing his home through new eyes and sharply-written songs.

    Kris Gruen's song "Body In Motion" was featured on Vol. 043: Electric Daze. He was also featured on Volume Fifty, collaborating with The Bones of JR Jones for the song "Half-Way Down".