Prinze George - Happy Garden

Ltd. Edition of 100 and VM Exclusive Color

$ 25.00

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This is the full-length album Happy Garden by Prinze George, pressed on opaque white vinyl with red splatter and limited to 100 copies worldwide. It includes a full-color double sided lyrics & info insert.

The sophomore album from Prinze George exists in the synth pop sonic world - but while other offerings of the genre can feel thematically empty, Happy Garden imbues their dancefloor heaters with introspection and meaning. In the single "Centuries", vocalist Naomi Almquist's refrain "Sometimes I worry that our love is killing me" elevates the pumping groove of bass and chopped vocal samples. "Garden In The Sky" is more euphoric, a pure EDM banger with drops ready for the Yuma Tent. Whether you're making up for lost party time or shifting your celebrating to more intimate settings, Happy Garden is pleased to provide the soundtrack.

Prinze George's song "Lights Burn Out" was featured on Vol. 023: Metamorphose. We also featured their song "Centuries" on Volume Seventy-Five.