moon:and:6 - Histories Of American Space Travel (Deluxe Etching 2xLP)


Our very deluxe 2xLP pressing of moon:and:6 Histories Of American Space Travel. We love this release so much so we really wanted to push the envelope! This deluxe pressing includes a number of very special features that we are very excited about.

  • Side A etching of orbiting planets and space shuttle is ALSO playable. The first playable etched side we have ever released.
  • Mini center labels on Side A & B.
  • Side B includes a vinyl-exclusive bonus track of audio samples that are featured in the record mixed into a special track by moon:and:6. 
  • Vinyl Moon edition features translucent black vinyl on disc 1. It looks like normal black vinyl when on your turntable but hold it up to the light and it is transparent!
  • Deluxe gatefold jacket with spot UV to highlight beautiful NASA commissioned artwork from the 1970s.

This exclusive vinyl pressing includes both of these full length albums from moon:and:6:

  • A Brief History of American Space Travel (2017) - Disc 1
  • An Alternate History of American Space Travel (2018) - Disc 2

Containing original samples from NASA archives, the original record A Brief History... is a sonic journey through moon:and:6's musical interpretation of space travel. Filled with undeniable beats, funky touches, and synths to please even the most interstellar listener, it's an album you'll love immediately for late night solo dance parties or studious listening. Vinyl Moon members will remember the fantastic track "Apollo-Soyuz" from Vinyl Moon Volume 023: Metamorphose.

The 2018 remix album An Alternate History... has various artists reinterpreting the entire record, with reworks of every track for an added dimension of groove-laced exploration.